Minimize Memory Usage of Your Programs with Minimem

If your PC crawls when you run many programs at once, You can make it faster by Optimizing or Minimizing the memory or RAM usage of the programs you are running. Minimem can help you put memory hogs–and only memory hogs–in their place. Unlike most memory-freeing utilities, Minimem lets you select which programs to optimize and which to leave alone.


Programs like music players or Web browsers, "leak" memory as they stay open. Minimem was designed to stop the leaks by removing unneeded memory pages. In theory, it would also help with programs with very large memory footprints.


You can optimize any program Minimem detects, and you can set it to hide programs below a certain RAM footprint. I tried Minimem with a number of my usual applications open, but optimized only the Web browsers. (In theory, I could have used it on the malware scanners that run in the background, but messing with security software is unwise.)The resulting memory bonus was small but perceptible.


Of course, more physical RAM is the best solution for a memory shortage. But if your budget or your case design won’t accommodate that, Minimem might boost your system response enough to make your problem applications bearable again.

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September 17, 2008 by: Prasanth Chandra

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