How to reduce noise from pc

One of the major disturbances you feel when working on your PC is the noise from your CPU fans. We can reduce the noise by making them reduce their speed in idle states and also to regulate according to our needs. This is done by a Speedfan.

Speedfan is a wonderful utility that’s absolutely free. It lets you keep track of your motherboard and CPU temperatures, your fan speeds, and the voltages from your power supply. You can even use it to automatically control your fan speeds. With a little tweaking, you can make it to spin your fans up and down according to temperature limits that you determine.

You can keep your PC nice and quiet during low-impact tasks , but start up the fans to keep your hardware cool when you’re playing a game or editing video. You have to configure Speedfan so that your CPU fan’s speed automatically adjusts in response to core temperature changes. Speedfan is definitely a power user’s app-it will do whatever you tell it to, even if that might potentially damage your hardware. Be careful.

While Speedfan supports dozens of motherboards, there are many models that don’t allow fan-speed changes. Some motherboards might not even display temperatures or fan speeds. Check the Speedfan homepage for a list of supported boards; if your board isn’t listed you’re probably out of luck.

The first time you start Speedfan, it takes readings from all of the sensors on the motherboard and gives each fan and temperature reading a cryptic label. In the left-hand pane, you’ll see the reported fan speeds for all of the fans Speedfan detects. Like this the screen consists of different readings from different parts of your computer. you can manipulate the fan speeds yourself.

So go download it and get rid of that irritating noise from your computer.

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October 25, 2007 by: Prasanth Chandra


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