Fences – Organize Desktop Icons into Groups – Find Applications Easily

Desktop shortcuts are invariably the fastest way of accessing files, programs and applications. Too many and you will literally be searching for a particular file. Thankfully with the application Fences installed you will be able to organize all your desktop items and hide your icons when they are not in use. This effective free desktop organizer which basically creates a virtual shaded area where you can drag and drop files and folders. In other words each Fence can be labelled with respect to the data it holds which makes it easy to find your applications or files based on the group.

 fences - organize desktop items

For example if you have a whole link of games and office files on your desktop you can create a Fence specific for games as well as your office document. This basically eliminates the search factor involved when hunting for a particular file. A new Fence can be created by right clicking on an empty desktop space and dragging the mouse. Moreover, the tool allows you to hide the Fences and desktop icons by double clicking on the desktop and it consumes very less memory. It helps you to quickly hide/show your desktop icons with a double click and you can even customize the color and opacity of your fences.


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