AMP WinOFF – Schedule Shutdown – Automatically Turn Off Computer

There are times when you need a tool that can automatically shut down your system at a prescribed time. This will be useful in the case of a download, a virus scan, or something of that sort. Here is  an interesting tool that can be used to schedule a shutdown of your Windows system. AMP WinOFF is an utility designed for several shut down modes and it is fully configurable.


This free application has a lot of options other than just shutting down the computer in different ways like restart, hibernate, lock etc. Some of its features are as follows..

  • Schedule shut downs, either at a particular time
  • Capture Screenshot of desktop before shut down.
  • Perform a shut down when the CPU becomes idle.
  • Several types of shut down (shut down, restart, close session, power off, administrative shut down/restart, suspend, hibernate and lock computer).
  • Immediate shut down and computer lock from the task bar icon menu.
  • Security options including anti-close protection and password protected access to the configuration.
  • Command line support for batch processing.
  • Dual English/Spanish version.

AMP WinOFF is a cool application useful especially if you want to shut down the system within some time,since you know that the running application will not take more than that to finish.

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September 4, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra


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