AkelPad – Small, Fast, Easy to Use, Feature Rich Text Editor [ Notepad Alternative ]

AkelPad is a small, fast, easy-to-use text editor. Notepad is great for editing in plain text format, but it’s not the best for designing Web documents, programming, and so on. In fact Notepad has a lot of drawbacks. It does not show line numbers in a vertical status bar next to a line, nor does it have advanced search or Find and Replace engines; it cannot even open text files from other platforms in a readable manner; it does not have indent support, and it doesn’t have a multiple tab feature. AkelPad makes up for Notepad’s deficiencies with its larger array of features.

akelpad notepad alternative

Some of the key features of AkelPad are the

  • Two window modes (single and multi),
  • Full support for Unicode strings on Unicode systems and Unicode codepages and support of any code page installed on the system.
  • AkelPad supports DOS/Windows and Unix newline formats,
  • Editing files with the ‘Read Only’ attribute,
  • Multi-level undo,
  • Searching for and replacing text strings,
  • Escape sequences and also search and replace by hexadecimal code.

In addition, AkelPad also has the ability to remember the last search and replace strings, and your recently opened files. It supports language modules and to top it all, it supports plugins for functions such as syntax highlighting, auto-completion, script execution, and keyboard macros to name a few.

Download AkelPad

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June 13, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra

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