5 Free Tools To Create Infographics

Personally, I am a huge fan of Infographics. I believe in the fact that an Infographic can do what a 4 paragraph content cannot. And if you are looking for some help in your mission to create Infographics, then you would love this post.

I have compiled a post of 5 free tools to create Infographics, which would prove to be helpful if you have been trying to create one. These tools wont give you the template where you can start making your Infographic and I bet that is not what you have been looking for.

These free tools will help you make stuff like pie charts, histograms, flow charts, pretty fonts, accurate statistics. And things like these would help you in creating the Infographic that you have been striving for.

5 Free Tools To Create Infographics


This tool lets you make flow charts and diagrams. It also offers you with ready made designs which could save a lot of your time if they can fit into your design. It is an easy to use yet powerful tool.


This list of best tools to create Infographic would be incomplete without Inkscape. This tool lets you create the complete infographic as it lets you join all your visuals and designs that you have made. This is a killer in this list.


Pie charts are the another such things which make an infograhic highly interesting. So, having your stats shown with the help of pie charts and venn diagrams would make your infographic interesting.

New York Times

This Infographic tool lets you use the statistics from NY Times. And using this tool ensures that you are using authenticated data on your infographics. In addition to this, this tool also displays you with the ways other have demonstrated the data, which is really helpful.


No visual demonstration is complete without attractive text. This service offers one of the best fonts and designs which are visually appealing like heck.

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November 21, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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