4 Best Free Alternatives To AutoCAD

When it comes to 2D and 3D designing, drafting, modelling, architectural drawing, and engineering work, AutoCAD is the name that has stood stall since years. It is the most advanced 3D designing software.

There was a time when only handful of people knew how to use AutoCAD. Although the times have changed, but its high price is still stopping number of enthusiastic users from using it. So, this has inspired me to come up with a list of free alternatives to AutoCAD.

Yes, these free AutoCAD alternatives are not as advanced as AutoCAD, but most of them would surely cater to your basic designing and modelling needs. And that is the reason the below software is free.

4 Best Free Alternatives To AutoCAD – AutoCAD Alternatives


Its a powerful modelling open source program. Its based on Google Code. Although, its a free program but it offers some advanced features like rendering analysis, geometric analysis, ray tracing, geometry editor and many more.

DoubleCAD LT

It is one of most highly rated free CAD software available. Considering the features it has to offer, its unbelievable that this software comes for free. It is actually based on the award winning CAD code which makes it highly advanced. It is also the most downloaded CAD software on Download.com.  A must check out one if you are looking for a free AutoCAD alternative.

Free CAD

It is labelled as parametric 3D modeler meant for mechanical engineering and product design. This open source program comes from SourceForge and is compatible on Windows, Ubuntu and Mac OS. Do check it out as it promises a lot.


This is a free 3D designing tool for Linux and Windows. Its based on 3D CAD-CAM which includes 3D OpenGL viewer. In addition to all the basic features it comes with some unique features like interpreter for geometry and NC commands in 3D. Although its website is not in English, but the software is.

There are many more free CAD software available in the market. But the above programs are the best free alternatives to AutoCAD that I have come across. If you are aware of any, please comment and share.

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November 25, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra

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