Save and Restore Share Names and Permissions of Your Operating System

If you are trying to format and reinstall Windows Operating System. You need to again set up permissions and names for the software and settings that you would install after  a format. Using a simple trick, we can backup the registry settings with the registry ( .reg ) file and can easily use it. every time after you format your PC. Here is a way to back up and restore all the share names and permissions from the old Windows installation to the new one.

save and restore share names and permissions

  • Open the Registry editor. From the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE sub-tree, go to the following key:
  • Save or export that Registry key.
  • Type in a new file name (a file extension is not necessary), and then save the file to a storage device.
  • Reinstall Windows and run the Registry Editor.
  • Restore or import the Registry key. You’ll need to type in the path and file name of the file you saved.
  • Restart your PC.

You can always restore your previous configuration by pressing [F8] at bootup and selecting the “Last known good configuration”  option.

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