How To Automate Your Internet Connection in Windows

A lot of us use the dial-up method to connect to our ISPs. Even the broadband users amongst us usually have to use PPPoE (dial-up broadband). The problem occurs when the Internet Connection fails or when the connections drop. It will be very annoying as the downloads will stop or fail and the transfers are restarted etc. This can be rectified by automating your internet connection so that it connects to your Internet Service Provider automatically without you dialing the connection manually every single time.

To automate the re-dialing process, make sure you have the account set up by going to Start > Control Panel > Network Connections. Open Notepad, and type in the following:

RASDIAL <Connection Name> <username> <password>

You have to be careful to ensure that you type the connection name exactly as it shows in Network Connections.

Now just hit [Ctrl] + [S], and save the file as  <filename>.bat – filename is whatever you want to call it.


Now you can add a scheduled task to set the connection to dial automatically. To do that..

  • Go to Start > Control Panel > Scheduled Tasks > Add Scheduled Task.
  • Click Next and then click Browse and select the BAT file you just created.
  • Next, set the schedule for the application, so, say, you want to run the BAT file every day, after every half hour, just choose  Daily and click  Next.
  • Fill in other details such as starting time, entering your user account information, and completing the schedule creation.
  • To make this a repetitive schedule, right-click on the task, select  Properties, click on the Scheduled tab and then on the  Advanced button.
  • Check the Repeat Task checkbox, and enter a value for the interval.


You can be sure that your PC will, more or less, stay  connected as long as it’s on. No more interruptions and no more annoyances of re-dialing it manually again and again.


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