How to Secure Your Orkut Profile Account and Prevent it from Getting Hacked

Orkut, One of the best social networking sites available. It is very famous especially in countries like Brazil and India. These days, Orkut accounts are being hacked easily. This is happening due to the Ignorance of users. If you be careful during the Orkut Profile login process, you can stay away from the fraudulent sites which will steal your passwords and hack your Orkut Profiles. Here are some tips to make sure your Orkut account is secure and safe without possibility of getting hacked..

  • Make a Strong Password : 

Always try to create strong passwords which are hard to guess. Avoid your phone numbers, pet names, birthday dates etc as passwords as they can be easily guessed. A password with numbers and alphabets like P($p1ac3 will be better. Also be careful while choosing your security question.

  • Never Share your personal Details :

Be very careful not to share your Orkut login information like username and password with anyone. Be very sure when entering your login information. Check whether your browser shows

  • Never copy and paste code into your address bar :

Don’t copy any code into the browser, no matter what it claims to be able to do. The scripts may reveal your information to your friends. Its better to be on safe side avoid running unknown scripts.

  • Don’t download anything from Orkut : 

Make sure you don’t download anything from Orkut, Especially files ending with vb or exe. They may be viruses which can infect computers. Remember that Orkut never offers any downloads.

  • Avoid Clicking External Links:

Don’t click links which are not related to Orkut. The external links which are not verified by Orkut may lead to some phishing sites. So better be cautious.

  • Get a good Anti virus:

Antivirus is almost a must for every computer. Even the best Orkuteer can be a victim of phishing attack. Download, Install a good antivirus and scan your computer regularly to keep it safe. Click here to get Free Antivirus.

  • Stay away from External Applications :

Orkut has a number of applications and more number of applications are being added everyday. Do not prefer any external application for accessing Orkut as they may not be genuine. Only try to access the Orkut applications provided  for you in the Application Directory and have fun.

These tips when followed will provide you with a safe and secure way to access Orkut and will make your Orkutting experience better. Remember its better to be safe than sorry. Happy Orkutting..!

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May 6, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra


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