3 Best Sticky Notes Apps For Linux

Sticky Notes is one of those features of Windows 7 which have impressed users big time. I have a friend who is a complete Linux fan, and always prefer working on Linux machines than any other. But, once he used Sticky Notes on Windows 7, he wished if he had similar Sticky Notes apps for his Linux machine.

So, if you have a similar story or regardless the story if you are looking for Sticky Notes alternatives for Linux, then here is the list for you. All the apps are meant for taking notes, and are basically the widgets for your Linux desktop.

3 Best Sticky Notes Apps For Linux


They call it non sticky sticky notes for Linux and I have no idea why it is called so. It lets you make notes on the background that you want. It also lets you drag and drop these notes to the emails. And the fact that it lets you print the created notes, makes it more useful


The name of the app has nothing to do with the functionalities of this application. This is a note taking app for your Linux which also works on Mac and Windows platforms. In addition to making notes, it lets you highlight text, lets you do bulleting, change fonts, link to email addresses and much more.


Xpad is another Sticky Notes like app for Linux distros. It lets you do all the things that you can do with Sticky Notes on Windows 7. This app lets you change the font of your notes, change the size of the text, and background color. There are many other features like including the toolbar to it. It is lightweight app and the same time it is highly customizable which can be configured the way you want.

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April 29, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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