Video Capturing Devices

Have you ever thought of converting your old VHS tapes into DVD’s. Well here is a type of device which will make that happen. It is called as Video Capture Deviceand you connect it to USB of your computer.

A Video Capture Device is a device which allows you to connect video playing equipment like VHS-players to your personal computer. It allows you to record VHS tapes to your PC, digitize them and convert them to DVD format. Video capture is also known as video encoding and video capture devices may also be called encoders.

Once connected to the pc the data can be digitized and stored in a dvd format.This is mainly done to decrease the data loss that actually occurs during transmission of the analog data. The operating system normally identifies the class of the video capturing devices and installs the basic drivers needed for the device to work. However a bundled software is provided which gives the user the complete control of the device.

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February 15, 2008 by: Prasanth Chandra

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