Reduce / Suppress Excessive Usage of Printer Colors – Manage Color Profiles

Photo tools often print incredibly colorful pictures by using a lot of printer color. Uninstalling or changing the tool doesn’t stop the wastage of color. With a small tweak, You can easily reduce this excessive usage of printer colors. Windows Vista and Windows 7 have a very extensive color management, which is as much responsible for the adjustment of printer color profiles and for onscreen display. For each of these devices Windows has a color profile ready, which then adjusts the color and brightness values, without the user being asked.

As long as this system works, everything is in order. However, each driver and image processing software comes with its own color profile and installs it over the existing Windows standards. Similarly the photo processing tool, whose unclean programmed installation routine overwrites all the existing color profiles with its own. Subsequently, the print jobs are always ‘rectified’ by the incorrect color profile.

Luckily, the original color profiles are not lost:

  • Switch the control panel to classic view and double click the icon ‘Color Management’.
  • On the ‘Advanced’ tab you will find all devices, which work with color profiles.
  • Now select the problematic device and decide from its drop down menu the color profile to be used.
  • In the end check your settings and take a test printout. With the help of color profiles you can also align the color and brightness of two different monitors which you operate on your computer side by side.
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August 15, 2010 by: Prasanth Chandra

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