My Digital Camera Batteries Don’t Last Long – Draining Fast[ Troubleshoot ]

Of course, battery life varies depending on the make and model of your digital camera, but you know you have a problem when even brand-new batteries afford just a few shots. This happens as the battery power drains after taking few photos. What to do if you want to make your batteries last long? Here is the solution..

Alkaline AA battery for Digicams The best option is to use the correct battery for your Digicam. You can use the correct AA cells (if your camera uses these). Alkaline AA cells last much less than rechargeable NiMH cells or disposable lithium cells. If you find a specialty store which gives you cells of different mAh ratings, look for higher mAh ratings. As an indicator, 1850 mAh is good. Look for 1850 mAh or higher.

However, if your camera works on a Li-ion cell and was installed with a rechargeable one when you bought it,and it’s still giving short battery life even on a full charge, there is something wrong with either the cell or the camera. Take them back to the store and get them checked.

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July 18, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra


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