Eliminate or Stop Fan Noise with Cooler Master Wind Rider Fan Controller

Your computer sounds like a jet plane when it first comes on. One glimpse into the system monitoring shows that the CPU and system temperature is beyond 60  degrees Celsius. The noise in a PC system is normally due to fans that are too fast and too loud. I already wrote an article on How to reduce noise from Computer

To stop noise from your Computer you can install quiet fans but it is much cheaper to use a fan controller.The Wind Rider made by Cooler Master is one such module. It monitors an area in the PC with a temperature sensor and lets the fans rotate slowly at lower temperatures and with full power when the temperatures are high.

coolermaster wind rider

After opening the case, connect the system fan to the control module and the module to the fan connection on the motherboard. Fix the temperature sensor to the heat sink of the CPU (or a central place in the cabinet if you want to throttle the fans there) and connect it to the control unit.

The threshold temperature after which the fan runs at the maximum rotational speed can be set on the module, as also the speed at which the fan should run below the threshold temperature. Monitor the temperatures that the most important components such as the CPU and chipset run at under load.

If the value is way above 60 degrees Celsius, turn down the threshold for the temperature. If the fan starts up shortly afterwards, increase the minimum speed.


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