How to search Images based on Color in Google Image Search

Now you search for Images in Google based on their color. Google Image search can now be restricted to return results of a specific color. This option isn’t available in the advanced settings.

In order to use this you have to add in a parameter in the address bar. For example, I searched for the term “computer”. I want to display only black colored images. To do this I have to add “imgcolor=black”  in the address bar. Here are the results I got..

restrict google image search by color

So, In order to search for images of a specific color just add “imgcolor=color” as parameter right in the URL. You can add in &imgcolor=COLOR after the URL in the address bar of your image search query to get your required results.  You can also search by replacing the keyword and color in this URL with your required terms to get the filtered results.

Explore many other advance options by clicking Advance Image Search to restrict your image search results based on Content types, Size, Coloration, Domain, and File Types.


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