How To Create Disposable Gmail Address

Temporary email addresses a.k.a disposable email address services are gaining popularity now. But why do one require such services. Suppose that you want to subscribe to any service, but you do not want to share your primary email ID while registration, then you can use these disposable email IDs.

If you have already been using such email services, then you might have surely tried to create disposable Gmail address. Yes, you read that right, we are taking about having temporary Gmail ID.

How To Create Disposable Gmail Address

There is an easy trick which lets you use you normal Gmail ID as a disposable email address. The reason behind using this trick is the fact that this feature is not offered by Gmail, this is something that users have extracted using the normal features offered by Gmail.

So, when you trying to use your Gmail as a temporary email ID, you can use your id as “”. Here, you can use thing anything in place for ANYTHING.

What exactly happens is, when you use such email ID in any registration form, email would be directed to your regular Inbox which is but in the TO field it would show as

And then you can use the Filters to route all the emails of to separate label where you can directly delete them.

But it is recommended not to use these disposable Gmail addresses because Gmail lets you create only 20 labels, and moreover it not a huge task for the spammers to extract your actual email address from it. But, you can surely use these temporary Gmail ID for the registration, where it specifically asks for a Gmail account or where you want to use your Gmail account.

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May 5, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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