How to Create Your Own List of Smart Bookmarks in Firefox 3

Firefox keeps a record of sites you visit often, and generates a list of “Smart Bookmarks” that you can access from the Bookmarks toolbar. You can create your own list of smart bookmarks using custom queries instead of URLs as well.

To do this, Right-click on the Bookmarks toolbar and choose New Bookmark. Use a descriptive name for the bookmark, and under Location, Enter one of the queries below ( whichever suits your need, or tweak them to get the results you want )

For your 10 Most Visited Sites:

place:queryType=0&sort=8 &maxResults=10

For your 10 Most Recent Bookmarks:

place:queryType=1&sort=12 &maxResults=10

For your 10 Most Visited Sites with “pcsplace” in them:

place:queryType=0&sort=8 &maxResults=10&terms=pcsplace

For your 10 Most Visited Bookmarks:

place:queryType=1&sort=8 &maxResults=10&terms=pcsplace

firefox-add-smart-bookmark using queries

Here’s all the information you need to build these queries. Change the value of “Sort”  or “Query Type”in the query to get the required results. The list of sort numbers and query type numbers along with the description of their function are given below..

Sort           Options

0          Natural Bookmark Order
1          Sort by title, A-Z
2          Sort by title, Z-A
3          Sort by visit date, most recent last
4          Sort by visit date, most recent first
5          Sort by URI, A-Z
6          Sort by URI, Z-A
7          Sort by visit count, ascending
8          Sort by visit count, descending
9          Sort by keyword, A-Z
10        Sort by keyword, Z-A
11        Sort by date added, most recent last
12        Sort by date added, most recent first
13        Sort by last modified date, most recent last
14        Sort by last modified date, most recent first
17        Sort by tags, ascending
18        Sort by tags, descending
19        Sort by annotation, ascending
20        Sort by annotation, descending

Query Type        Options

0                     Search only History
1                     Search only Bookmarks
2                     Search both

maxResults is the maximum number of results you want. 0  will return all the results.

Customize your search bookmarks using the above values and organize your bookmarks by creating your own list of custom bookmarks in your required order. If you know any more easy ways to do this, Share here as comments.


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