7 Best Websites To Learn Python Programming

Python has proved to be one of most popular and powerful programming language of the recent times. And I know that a big number of programmers are already into Python.

And good programmers are competent enough to learn new programming languages on their own. If you have been looking for good resources to learn Python programming, then I believe this post would prove to be of a great help.

I have compiled a list of some good websites to learn Python programming. If you have been working on Python recently, then the below list is nothing less than a treasure.

5 Best Websites To Learn Python Programming

Dive Into Python

As the name suggests, this website is completely dedicated to the Python programmers. Its tutorials are so wonderfully planned that you will quickly get an hold of this programming language irrespective to the fact that you are familiar or new to programming world. If your mind is structured for programming, then Dive Into Python will make you a Python master in no time.

Learn Python

This website is very similar to Try Python as it too features a built in Python interpreter. In addition to that, you will find practice exercises after each chapter. So, you get to sharpen your skills after each and every thing you learn on this website.

Official Python Tutorial

They said the best way to learn something is to reach out its inventor. If you believe in this logic, then there isn’t a better place to learn Python. On this blog, you get to learn stuff from the developers of the language themselves. If you are new to programming, then thank God, because this is undoubtedly the best website to learn Python with crystal clear concepts.


If you want to learn Python to build a graphical piece like games, then check out this website. Its features let you build graphical applications using Python. A great tool for game developers.


Here we have a Python School where you get to learn Python, practice and complete challenges and earn score. This whole Python resource has been structured like a school curriculum. You will like the way it has been conceptualized.


If you want any video tutorials on programming, then ShowMeDo is one of best available on Internet. This web portal is basically meant for almost all the programming languages. So here, you get to watch the videos by many programming gurus. Check it out!

Try Python

The best thing about this website is that it comes with an integrated Python interpreter. Hence, you can check out its tutorials and try them out on the website itself. Yes, you need the actual packages and interpreter to do the hardcore coding, but for the learning purpose, this website is like the complete kit for learning Python programming.

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May 21, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra

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