Create cool Posters through Glogster

Now you can showcase your creativity and talent by creating cool posters on a web site. It is called Glogster and It is a new service that lets users create web pages or in the glogster language posters. Once you register into their account you can create posters by using various flash elements. It is very simple and user friendly to use and just needs some interest to design.


In Glogster you can upload pics, music,video, text and other stuff. You can embed the poster on another website, but I think the size will be a problem here as it is very big especially if you are considering it to display it on blogs etc.

Other than creating posters and all you can invite friends and add them up. You will get 1G for this. Now what is this G? I will tell you. The G’s will help you gain some points based on your profile and also the posters you make. You will get 10 G’s for any rating above 2 and 1 G for a referral.

All this sounds very cool. to make this even more cool they are giving away ipods and lots of other cool stuff in return of those G’s you have gained. Why to wait? Just go and join in and create your posters right now.

By the way here is my glogster page. Rate my posters if you like them.

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December 29, 2007 by: Prasanth Chandra

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