Check User Name Availability in Different Sites at a Time

These days, we are used to register an account in almost every site we visit. Some of you will be so obsessed about your usernames. It’s easier to remember if you use the same username in every site, and friends can find you more easily too. If you’re someone who’s in this habit, you might want to take a look at Usernamecheck, a site that tells you which sites your favorite username is registered at.


check user name

Usernamecheck scans 60+ different networks, from 12seconds to Zooomr, and tells you if your name is taken. More sites will be added too. The sites on the list are some of the best, most useful places to have an account, so it might remind you of something you’ve been meaning to sign up for. Or, if you’re an Internet addict like me, it might remind you of sites you signed up for and forgot about. Either way, it’s worth a look.


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