Online Shopping – A Boon Or A Curse

With the passing days, more and more interesting things are being introduced to us and thanks to technology for most of these things. One thing I love about online shopping is the free classifieds where you can sell and buy second hand stuff. In this post we would be talking about Online Shopping. The debate of […]

Must Know Tips To Troubleshoot PC Games Issues

Although gaming consoles have being become quite popular, but there is still a good percentage of gamers still playing on computers. And this post is dedicated to all PC gamers where I would be sharing some nice tips while troubleshooting issues while playing PC games. Whether it would be your DOS games, or high end […]

How To Transfer Files To iPhone Without iTunes Using VLC

Regardless the fact that you like using iTunes or not, you have surely come across the times when you wish to transfer files to iPhone without iTunes. For an instance, you are at your friend’s place, you love a video or a song and wish to have that on your iPhone. But you also notice […]

How To View Saved Passwords On Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari

I know that it might not be an ethical post to share, but there must have been times when you need to know password of your own account, but somehow you are not able to reset it. I am sure that there might have been instances when you try to remember your saved password, but […]

2 Ways To Track Your Email – Check If Your Email Has Been Read

As we all know that Facebook, WhatsApp and many other messaging lets you know if the other person has read your message your not. If an Instant Messaging service can do this, then why can’t our email service do the same? How many times have you realized the need to find out if your email […]

4 Must Know Windows Registry Hacks – Part 1

When we say HACK, the first thing that comes to your mind is that it is something illegal. But here, Windows Registry Hacks are not any illegal hacks, these are infact Windows Registry tricks which would let you make your Windows machine more useful. These tricks wont do any thing extra ordinary. But the fact […]

How To Add Special Effects On Audacity – Tips And Tricks

They say Stronger Stay For Longer, and this quote stands strong in the world of technology. And Audacity is a perfect example for that quote. There are hundreds (or may be thousands) of audio editors, but Audacity is still rated as one of the best audio editors even though its free. I have shared a […]

Must Know Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts For Mac OSX And Windows

Shortcuts are the life line of every multi tasker, and every person working on computers is a multi tasker. Every keyboard shortcut saves some time and efforts, and when you make use of all the keyboard shortcuts you know, you will realize that you have saved a considerable amount of time and efforts. We have […]

3 Best Ways To Pick Colors From Image

Its pretty obvious that you are new to the image / photo editing and stuff, and that is the reason you are looking for ways to pick colors from an image. Suppose that you have an image in your machine, or may be you have its URL and now you wish to pick color from […]

How To Share WiFi Without Password

There must have been times when you do not wish to share the password of your WiFi connection, but have to share your WiFi. And if sharing password is your biggest concern than sharing your Internet, then you should continue reading this post. There was an instance when my neighbor bumped into my room and asked […]

Best Ways To Send eBooks To Kindle Wirelessly

Lately, I have shared a post on the way to transfer non Amazon books to Kindle and today, I would be sharing a couple of ways to send ebooks to Kindle wirelessly. Using a cable to send books to Kindle isn’t big of a deal but if you wish to do wirelessly, then you can go […]

How To Send Non Amazon Books To Kindle

Kindle is one of the best devices invented in the past decade, and there is no doubt about it. People who love reading, love kindle too. And these shows that it is not much different that conventional books that have been existing on the planet since so many centuries. Kindle started off as a plain ebook reader, […]

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