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This is ZOUNDRY. The coolest blog editor. I used to blog with Qumana when I started this weblog. It worked fine but the problem is that it is very slow. It takes loads of time to start and also to publish a post. Then I heard about this from my friend. So in order to test ( I like testing things!! I tried almost 4 Blog editors till now.) it I installed it.

The interface is very user friendly and all we want to do is log into your account by simple steps which you will do in any blog editor. Then the story is one and the same. But what makes Zoundry different from other blog editors?

  • It is fast which means the loading time and publisging time is very less.
  • Many options when compared with other ones. Some for example are posting at required time, create links to social bookmarking sites etc.
  • we can even create tags from required social bookmarking site like Technorati , Del.icio.us etc

Like this if I keep on saying there will be many options. I m very happy with this and am going to stick with it ( Atleast till I get a better one ). So all I want to say is just go get it from HERE ( Zoundry )

Try this if you want to make your way of blogging better.

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October 23, 2007 by: Prasanth Chandra

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