How to Migrate your WordPress Blog from One Host to Another

Moving your Blog from one host to another host is very easy. You have to follow some simple steps to make the transfer simple and safe. Here is a small tutorial on how to on migrate or move your WordPress blog  from one host to another.

As you know, WordPress is a highly versatile blog script based on Php and MySQL. It can also be used as a content management system to power your web site. If you thinking of setting up a blog, I would recommend using WordPress.

This is how you can migrate from one host to another..

  1. 1. Using an FTP client like Filezilla etc, Download all the wordpress files to your hard-disk. Sometimes, you won’t be able to see hidden files like .htaccess. Use appropriate filters (-La) in your FTP client to view those files. Exclude system folders like cgi-bin.
  3. 2. Upload these files to your new hosting account. (You can also copy files from one site to another directly using ftp clients like CuteFTP.)
  5. 3. Login to your old hosting account and go to phpmyadmin, a tool that lets you manage your MySQL Databases. Select the appropriate database and click export. Download the exported file (in .SQL format) and save it on your hard disk.
  7. 4. Login to your new hosting account and create a new database. Add a new user to the database. Go to phpmyadmin and import the SQL file to the database.
  9. 5. Open up wp-config.php in a text editor and add the new database details. Save it and upload to your new account.
  11. 6. Navigate to the URL and you will have your blog up and running.

You can also use the export option in WordPress to export the xml file and then can use this file to copy the posts,comments etc to the new host with Import option. I recommend using the SQL method because I find it easy and also there are less chances for a failure.

Note: Always keep a backup of your wordpress files as it is very useful. Plugins like WP-DB Backup will serve the purpose of backing up important data of the blog.


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