How To Speed Up YouTube Buffering On iPad

Slow YouTube buffering is one of those problems which  is being bothering every YouTube user. How about a trick to speed up YouTube buffering on iPad? All you need to do is some tweaking, and you could watch YouTube videos seamlessly on your Apple iPad.

Speed Up YouTube Buffering On iPad

One of the best ways to speed up YouTube buffering on iPad is by changing DNS settings. Here is the step by step procedure:

STEP 1: Navigate your iPad to the settings and then, navigate it to General > Network > WiFi.

STEP 2: There, tap on the WiFi connection that you use and then click on the Blue arrow beside it on the right side.

STEP 3: Now enter the new DNS as

If you have already entered a value in the DNS field, make sure that you make an note of it.

STEP 4: Now navigate your iPad to Settings -> General -> Network category and turn off the Bluetooth.

STEP 5: Once you are done with this, reset your modem of router (whichever device you are using).

STEP 6: Now, login to your YouTube account and change the settings. There you will find an option, I have a slow connection. Make sure that you check that because that would help you to speed you YouTube buffering on iPad.

That is it! Once you done with all these steps, try using YouTube on iPad, you should notice that you have speed up YouTube Buffering on iPad.

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February 7, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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