Few Must Know Tips And Tricks For Apple iCloud

It has been more than an year that iCloud has been introduced to the world, but I doubt if people have been using it to the full potential. As they say, there are so many things on this planet that you let go because of ignorance. And while you explore, you would realize that there are N number of things that you have ever noticed.

In this post, we have tried to list out some must know Apple iCloud tips and tricks that you should be aware of. These may not be the ultimate tricks from the hat, but these are some nifty little tips that would let you make the most of this cloud storage.

There is no doubt about the fact that the Cloud Computing is the technology for the future. And I am sure that iCloud would play a huge role in the future Apple projects. Hence, lets learn about Apple iCloud.

Few Must Know Tips And Tricks For Apple iCloud

Few Must Know Tips And Tricks For Apple iCloud

  • Get rid of duplicate contacts

It has been noticed that when you sync your contacts with iCloud, sometimes multiple copies are created. Launch Address Book on your Mac, click on Card and then on Look for Duplicates. And on the popped dialogue, click on Merge button and that would remove the duplicate contacts.

  • Use iCloud Like Dropbox

Dropbox has been the leader in the field of Cloud Storage. And one of its biggest reason is that its easy to use. Once your iCloud is configured, all you need to do is open Finder and hit Command + Shift + G, and in the field, type in ~/Library

If you scroll down, if you will find a folder named, Mobile DocumentsThat is the iCloud folder and you can use it just the way you use Dropbox.

  • Sync Safari

This feature would let you sync Safari browser on all your Apple devices. It implies that when you are browsing on your Mac, and you have to leave your machine. And later you can continue browsing the same stuff on you iPad or iPhone. In order to sync your Safari browser, click on System Preferences on Mac and Settings on iPad or iPhone.

In iCloud Settings on Mac, put a check across Safari to sync it. And on your iPhone and iPad, ensure that the Bookmarks option is checked.

  • Make The Most Of Photo Stream

Photo Stream is another new feature which has been an interesting addition to iOS and Macintosh. You can configure Photo Stream on both, your Mac machine and iOS device and you will have your photos (clicked using your iPhone or iPad) accessible on your Mac without even syncing it.

Apart from these 4 tips and tricks, there are much more things to know about iCloud. Do share your iCloud expertise.

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