5 Best Free DJ Software For Mac

Mac is one of the most popular OS among the artists. Most of the bands and artists in the music industry work on Mac while composing the music. And so is it with most of the DJs.

So, if you have some inclination towards the DJ-ing and are looking for free tools, here is the list of best free DJ Software for Mac. These turntable programs for Mac will let you unleash the DJ in you.

5 Best Free DJ Software For Mac


This is a super small DJ software for Mac. If you are good with 2 turntables in real life, then imagine the things you can do with 4 turntables at your disposable. It helps you do DJ-ing on your Mac from the task of extracting tracks from audio CDs to looping, adding effects and to saving the final track.


This open source DJ program for Mac is labelled as one of the best free programs for mixing on Mac. With its advanced features like time stretch handling, vinyl boards, crossfader curve control, wave recording, equalizers, you can experience the fun one can have by mixing tracks on real life DJ equipment.


This is a complete solution for all the users who are looking for a good and free DJ software for your Mac. It lets you do mixing and in addition to it, offers you with turntables for Mac. You can add effects to your songs, and all you need to do is drag and drop. Its user interface is good enough for a newbie to understand its functionality.

Scratch Live

This free Mac DJ Software is no less than any paid version of professional mixing tool. It offers you with number of interesting features, which include built in recording, quick mix, vinyl boards, easy interface. Its advanced features let you mix your creativity with the tracks.

UltraMixer DJ Software

This free DJ Software for Mac can be downloaded straight from its official web site. It lets you work on the popular formats like MP3, OGG, WAV. It comes integrated with SoundPlayers which are used as turntables. Whether you are professional or rookie, this tool is a great resource to do mixing on your Mac.

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January 9, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra


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