3 Best Free Alternatives To MS Office For Mac

Microsoft Office is not a free package for any platform. But one could easily come across a MS Office giveaway for Windows, but finding the same for Mac is not an easy task. So how about its alternatives?

Yes, rather than going for MS Office, you can look out for free alternatives to MS Office for Mac. And the fact that they are free makes you use that particular package to full of extent without any sort of restrictions like trial period or limited features.

We have compiled a list of free MS Office alternatives for Mac which would cater to your all your needs which were served by MS Office and that to for no charges.

3 Best Free Alternatives To MS Office For Mac


Here is an IBM product which used to come with IBM computers and is religiously used in IBM offices. It is said that whatever IBM develops, has something special in it. And its no different with IBM Lotus. But with time, we have witnessed better products, which made us forget this free MS Office alternative.


Open Office has been there since so many years. And no wonder, it is considered as the best alternative to MS Office. And the fact that it is free makes it rank right above the MS Office too. It offers you with all the programs that MS Office does which include, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint. And even in the list of top Open Source programs, it is ranked right up there.


If you have liked Open Office, then you would love Neo Office too. Do you want a reason for that? Well, Neo Office is programmed from the source code of Open Office and the developers have made sure that they include everything that they can so that they would end up with a Mac friendly Office Suite. And here they are, with an Office Suite which is faster and MS Office and Open Office,and is just meant for Mac.

Apart from these free alternatives to MS Office for Mac, there are online services like Google Docs, Zoho which lets you use MS Office like programs for free but you need an Internet connection for it. If you are aware of any other free MS Office alternative for Mac, then please comment and share with us.

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August 29, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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