Pinterest Tips And Tricks – Complete Pinterest Guide

Pinterest is the latest bookmarking service which is getting popular exponentially. Using Pinterest, you do not bookmark things, you pin them. It lets you share anything online that you want to and is some real fun.

It is just like a global bulletin board where everybody is allowed to pin stuff, provided you have an account. Browse on the net, if you like any image or video, pin it and let everybody appreciate your finding.

I have been using Pinterest since a week, and have compiled a list of some useful Pinterest tips and tricks. It is more like a complete Pinterest guide which would let you use this bookmark service in the best possible way.

Pinterest Tips And Tricks – Complete Pinterest Guide

Are You A Chrome User?

There is a Chrome extension which will let you pin stuff quickly and easily. Once you install this Chrome extension, you can simply right click on an image and pin it right away.

Don’t Pin Google Images

Do not pin Google images straight away as neither Google owns them nor you. When you stumble across an interesting pic and feel like pinning it, make sure that you give credit to the other guy who owns it.

Keep The Description Short

While you are sharing someone’s post, do not copy – paste the whole blog post content into the description as it would illegal to use someone Else’s content. Just keep your description short, simple and your own words.

Configure Notifications

You can configure the notifications in your own way so that you get to know when someone likes you pin, follows you etc. More you interact on Pinterest, more fruitful it would prove to be.

Pin A URL With No Picture On It

This is a secret trick (rather an unknown trick) that many would not be aware of. This trick will allow you to pin a URL which does not have a picture. To do that, link any other URL which has a picture, now edit your pin and change the URL which has got no picture. That is it!

Tag People

Tagging people is simple on Pinterest. It is just the way you have been doing on other social networking sites. In order to tag anybody, just use “@” before the name of the person you want to tag.

Use Keywords

Using keywords is a good practice. If you are wondering why, then this is simple to understand that appropriate keywords will let your pinned stuff to be found in searches. And who doesn’t want it?

Use The Bookmark Button

On Pinterest’s website navigate to goodies page and drag the button onto the bookmarks on your browser. This will install the same and will let you pin stuff right away by clicking on Pin It button.

Make Best Use Of Boards

Liking pins and repinning them is not a big task, but locating them back when you actually need them is a task. So, create boards like fun, cooking, paintings, tech etc and organize your pins. So, when you actually need to find your pins, you can straight away check your respective boards.

Add Price Tag To Your Pin

You might have seen some products having a price tag on the top left corner. Are you puzzled how they did that? Well, it is simple. Lets say that you have added a football to sell, then use the description field and write ” Godzilla Football $4.99″ this will add a price tag of $4.99 on the top left corner of the pin.

Configure Your Pinterest Account With Your Facebook

Link you Pinterest account with your Facebook account by clicking on your Name on the top right corner of your Pinterest home page and click on Settings button. Now, slide the slider to switch ON the Link to Facebook option. If you want to add it to your Facebook Timeline, do that too. Once done, whenever you pin stuff on Pinterest, it would be updated on your Facebook profile.

More you pin stuff, better you get to know about this amazing bookmarking service. If you are aware of some more Pinterest tips and tricks that you wish to share, please comment and do that. Lets make it an ultimate Pinterest guide on Internet.


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