4 Must Know Windows Registry Hacks – Part 1

When we say HACK, the first thing that comes to your mind is that it is something illegal. But here, Windows Registry Hacks are not any illegal hacks, these are infact Windows Registry tricks which would let you make your Windows machine more useful. These tricks wont do any thing extra ordinary. But the fact […]

How to Block / Restrict Browser’s Toolbar against Undesired Changes

On every browser, toolbar is one of the easiest ways to navigate through menu items or bookmarks. By default, they will be enabled and it can be changed or disabled with a simple menu command. On a shared computer,you can prevent or restrict other users from being able to change the appearance of the browser. […]

How to Open Unknown File Types in Notepad by default

Whenever you double click on a file of unknown type, Windows normally asks for the program it should open this file. It is not a safe practice to open these files of unknown types as they may harm your computer.  A registry change can configure Windows to open unknown file types in Notepad by default, […]

How To Backup Windows 7 System Registry

Taking backups of system registry is always helpful to overcome post-system crash situations. How To Backup Windows 7 System Registry? If you need the answer for this question, then this post is surely written for you. Windows 7 is by far the best operating system developed by Microsoft. It offers so many features that enhances […]

Registry System Wizard – Clean & Fine Tune the Registry

It makes sense to clean the registry to make it lighter by eliminating invalid items or entries that are no longer required, and that’s exactly what Registry System Wizard (RSW) does. That does not actually have anything to do with tuning Windows, but it does make a difference indirectly. On starting RSW, it displays a […]

How to Track / Monitor Registry Changes – Find Modified Registry Keys

If you want to know which application creates or modifies which registry keys, you need a monitoring tool that looks behind the of the operating system and makes registry access transparent. This feature may be useful for tracking the behavior of certain applications or potential spyware and find the registry changes happened. Microsoft offers a […]

3 Ways to Kill / Stop Hung, Non-Responding Applications or Processes Faster

Some applications or processes will not respond at times. If you’re the impatient type and can’t be troubled with the wait while Windows shuts down errant applications, there are two ways out for you to end the execution of those applications or stop the processes– either make Windows shut down hung processes automatically, or reduce […]

How To Add ‘Insert’ Option To CD Drive Context Menu

Context Menu’s are Menus which are specifically allotted for a particular application. In other words they are the menus which will be opened when you right click a particular application. You ca tweak the context menus by simple registry hacks. In this tutorial we are adding an Insert option in the CD Drive’s Context Menu […]

Create A Context Menu Item To E-Mail An IE Page

How would you e-mail a page in Internet Explorer by right-clicking on it? If you get this in your mind, here is the solution to it. Using this method you can send pages from Internet Explorer. It involves a simple registry hack with a small tweak. It is as follows.. 1. Start the Registry Editor: […]

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