Top 5 Free Outlook Add Ins – Part 1

There are number of lives who believe that MS Outlook have made their life at office easier. I have tried so many email clients and trust me, I could not find a better replacement for MS Outlook. Outlook alone itself is an amazing email client, and when you have some add ons available for Outlook, […]

15 Keyboard Shortcuts For Outlook

If you use MS Outlook daily in and out, then knowing few keyboard shortcuts for Outlook would surely help. Well, keyboard shortcuts are meant to things easier, and that is why people get used to it. No doubt that like any other software, MS Outlook has also got so many shortcuts but we have listed […]

How To Fix / Recover / Repair MS Outlook PST Files

MS Outlook is like THE MOST POPULAR email client that is being used all over the planet. Well, the reasons are may and yes, we wont be talking of those reasons. In fact, we would be talking how to fix / repair PST files. If you are not aware of what PST files, are then […]

How To Transfer Emails From Outlook To Apple Mail

If you are shifting from Windows to Mac, you would surely want to transfer emails from Outlook to Apple Mail. But the fact that format of Outlook mails is different from emails of Apple Mail, does not allow you to directly transfer emails. So, you would need Thunderbird to complete this transfer. We would first […]

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Emails In Microsoft Outlook

I love to use MS Outlook as it lets me keep my mail box organized and clean. There have been times when I delete my mails and wonder if I could recover them back. Well, here are step by step guides to recover permanently deleted emails in Microsoft Outlook. Recover Permanently Deleted Emails In Microsoft […]

How To Sync Your Blackberry With Outlook

When it comes to business phones, BlackBerry has been leading the charts. If you are wondering how to sync your BlackBerry with Outlook, here is the tutorial. Here is the step by step procedure for the whole setup of you BlackBerry and Outlook. You can easily count on this procedure to sync your BlackBerry with […]

Set Reminder for Blank / Empty Subject Field for Mails in Outlook

Sometimes when we send mails, we may forget to mention the subject in the mail.  The blank subject line must be avoided as much as possible to follow email etiquette. Especially when you write official mails, Subject should be mentioned as it is one of the important parts of a mail.  Using a small tip, […]

How to Determine Safe Senders List for Junk Filters Automatically in Outlook

In Microsoft Outlook, the Junk email filter protects the inbox from undesired messages or mails. To improve its efficiency, You can maintain a ‘Safe senders’ list so that messages from colleagues, friends and acquaintances do not wrongly end up in trash. This helps you to diversify the mails easily and the MS-Outlook  settings can be […]

How to Archive your email Messages by Year in different PST Files in Outlook

The PST file is the central data repository for Outlook. Email attachments tend to increase its size. This slows down the program and gives rise to several problems. Instead of collecting all data in one PST (Personal Store) file, you can archive mail by year in several PST files. This helps you differentiate between older […]

How to Save Mails Automatically in different PST Files in Outlook

You have several email addresses for corresponding with different recipients such as friends and family. Things get annoying when all messages end up  in the same mailbox. Creating  individual folders for specific  recipients makes navigation and archiving easy. You can instruct Outlook to store the mails  in different PST files depending on  the sender’s address. […]

How to Synchronize Schedules of Google Calendar with Outlook Automatically

Google Calendar is an ideal tool for planning schedules within a group. If you want to synchronize the schedules with the content of your Google calendar in MS-Outlook calendar, It is best to use a tool which synchronizes data automatically. For example, the free program ‘Google Calendar Sync’, which you can download from this link. […]

How to Use Mail Merge Option in MS-Word for Mass Mailing

Mail merge is one good feature of Microsoft Word which helps you in mass mailing tasks. This is a tutorial which explains how to use mail merge effectively and simplify your work. Mass Mailing refers to mailing more than one person with different options using Mail Merge. This includes to make a set of envelopes […]

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