How to Calculate Faster in Excel using Goal Seek

Excel has a lot of functions which make your life easier. One such feature is Goal Seek. It can be used to help you speed up your calculations. Goal Seek is part of a suite of commands sometimes called what-if analysis tools. When you know the desired result of a single formula but not the […]

How To Compile/Create or Modify Your Own Dictionary in Word

When you are writing or editing word documents, you may see flagging words only because they are not in MS-Word’s dictionary. You can compile, create and modify your own customized dictionaries in Microsoft Word and run spell checks using them. By this you can insert new words into the dictionary and can remove flags. This […]

How to Use Multi-Lined Custom Formats in Excel Cells

Formatting cells to suit your requirement in Excel is one of the easiest tasks to perform. Excel is flexible enough to let you customize formats to suit your needs as well. But what if you require two lined custom formats in Excel? You can use the wrap text feature of Excel but that depends on […]

How to Assign / Define Names To Formulas in Excel – Use Formulas Easily

Formulas are very much useful in Excel Sheets to calculate complex equations easily. Microsoft Excel has no way to paste commonly-used formulas. You can make your formulas more accessible by assigning names to your formulas. This tip will let you use any of your excel formulas by just using the defined name in the space […]

How to Add Pictures or Texture Fill to Auto Shapes in Excel

The Auto shapes in Excel 2007 can be made to look more interesting and personalized by changing the shape fill of the image. Adding pictures to your shapes gives a new look and feel to it. Besides adding pictures you can also change the stroke color of the shape and also fill gradient effects and […]

Convert Any File ( Doc, Images, Text, Web pages ) to PDF – Primo PDF

PrimoPDF is a free program which enables you to convert any printable file format (like .doc, images, text, web pages) to PDF. This amazing program installs a virtual printer on your computer which enables you to capture any printable files (.scb file) and converts them into PDF files. This program lets you create PDF files […]

How to Change Back Up / Auto Save Frequency of Word Documents

If you experience frequent system restarts or shutdowns, or even power failures it can get very annoying and difficult to recover a lost document. You may also forget to save the document while working, and it may be a long time since you last saved the document. Although Word takes a backup of your documents […]

How to Set and Use Default File Format for Word Documents

When you create a document in Word, you need to save it in a particular format. Usually these formats are Word or Word version specific. This can cause a problem especially if you open your Word documents on more than one machine with different versions of Word. However, there are a few formats that are […]

How to Create Automatic Numbered Lists in Word

Microsoft Word provides you with multiple features that  help you type out and create your documents with great ease and speed. One such feature is the automatic numbered list feature. This automatically formats the paragraph with a hanging indent, and creates a numbered list when you type an alphabet or a number followed by a […]

How to Add Voice Annotations / Audio Files to your Text in Word Documents

Microsoft Word allows you to easily add voice annotations to your text document. An annotation is a note or a special instruction that is added along with the document. It is an audio file which can be inserted into the document. These are mainly helpful in making guides or tutorials. We already discussed How to […]

Differentiate Data In Excel without Sorting – Value Based Shading

If you need to differentiate between data without sorting it, you can do it with ease in Excel 2007. Using the "Conditional Formatting" rules in Excel 2007, you can easily segregate even numbers from the odd numbers in your data. This is called Value based Shading which means adding color to specific value types. With […]

Function Key – Keyboard Shortcuts of Microsoft Excel

Keyboard shortcuts are always best way to do your tasks quickly. There might be situations where you are in a hurry to complete your work, and are delayed especially when you heavily rely on the mouse to perform mundane yet essential tasks. These simple yet essential keyboard shortcuts can come to your rescue at such […]

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