Best Ways To Send eBooks To Kindle Wirelessly

Lately, I have shared a post on the way to transfer non Amazon books to Kindle and today, I would be sharing a couple of ways to send ebooks to Kindle wirelessly. Using a cable to send books to Kindle isn’t big of a deal but if you wish to do wirelessly, then you can go […]

How To Send Non Amazon Books To Kindle

Kindle is one of the best devices invented in the past decade, and there is no doubt about it. People who love reading, love kindle too. And these shows that it is not much different that conventional books that have been existing on the planet since so many centuries. Kindle started off as a plain ebook reader, […]

How To Lend Books On Kindle For Free

Let me be honest. When I first heard of this feature, I was shocked to the core as I was not able to understand the concept at all. I mean, if one could lend books on Kindle, then what about its online market of books? But when I dig it deep and read the details, […]

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