How To Avoid Firefox From Opening Duplicate Tabs

This might sound like a silly requirement, but yes, there are many Firefox users, who are looking for ways to avoid opening of duplicate tabs. As a blogger and avid reader, I have always come across times when I end up opening same pages in multiple tabs. It not only consumes my laptop’s resources, but […]

How To See Stored Passwords On Firefox

When I first came to know about the fact that we can see password saved on Firefox browser, I was kind of shocked. And I am pretty sure that once you are done reading this post, you would react the same. I am not sure if this feature is a glitch or something that Firefox […]

11 Best Firefox Extensions For Web Designers

If you are a web designer and incidentally, if you are a Firefox user then here are some amazing Firefox addons for you. These Firefox extensions would prove to be real help for every web designer. I have compiled a list of 11 best Firefox extensions for web designers which would help with their work. […]

How To Use HTML On Gmail – HTML Gmail Signature

If you know little bit of HTML then you truly understand that if you are allowed to use HTML on Gmail, then there is so much stuff you can do, like creating HTML Gmail signature. But what if you are not much aware of HTML? I would be giving you some useful information which will […]

Download Firefox 5 Offline Installer For Windows, Mac, Linux

Here is the news for all the Firefox lovers, that final version of Mozilla Firefox 5 is out. There are number of features which would impel you to switch from older versions to this newer versions and other browsers for Firefox 5. Although you can download it for free straight from their official website, but […]

How To Resize Address Bar In Firefox 4

No wonder Firefox 4 is the most powerful version of Firefox web browsers. But there are some features, which do annoy any users. The size of its address bar is one of those things. So, we would be telling you how to resize address bar in Firefox 4. Resize Address Bar In Firefox 4 Once […]

How To Enable, Install And Run Incompatible Addons On Firefox 4

There might be number of Firefox addons that you have fell in love with. So what would you do if you those Firefox extensions are not compatible to Firefox 4. Well sticking to the previous version of Firefox is not a smart option. So, how about to enable, install and run incompatible addons on Firefox […]

3 Best Ways To Speed Up Firefox 4 Browser

Firefox 4 is special in many senses. Mozilla has made sure that this time users would love this browser in every aspect, whether it would be performance or display. We would be sharing some wonderful tips which would let you speed up Firefox 4. Speed Up Firefox 4 Browser – Fast Firefox 4 TIP 1 […]

5 Must Have Addons For Firefox 4

Final release version of Firefox 4 is at the corner and this version of Mozilla web browser would be more powerful, faster and better. It is a known fact that if you have good Firefox addons installed, then you can make of best of this web browser. So, we have complied a list of 5 must […]

Download Mozilla Firefox 4 Offline Installer

Yes, Firefox 4 official now. For all the Firefox lovers, this has been a long wait. Mozilla has finally released the stable version of Mozilla Firefox 4 web browser. There are number of things to explore with this latest version of your favourite web browser. Firefox 4 includes number of features which include Sync password, […]

How To Remove / Block YouTube Ads

While watching videos on YouTube you must have surely got irritated of the advertisements. Those times must have made you look for a YouTube ads blockers. If you want to remove / block YouTube ads, we have a solution for you which will help you get rid of these YouTube ads. I would rather say […]

How To Reload / Reopen Closed Tabs In Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome

While using any web browser you must have faced times when you accidentally close any of the tab. So here is the respite for you, as once you are done reading this piece, you could reload / reopen closed tab in Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Before I knew this method, I used to browse […]

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