Shutdown prank

You can do a lot of pranks using computer and it feels so good when some one falls for it ( I m not wicked..!! ). Most of the pranks will make others freak out. Here is one prank which will make the system to shutdown when clicked on a folder. This involves creating an […]

Free Web Site

Setting up your own website may involve some money. There are many plans on the internet to create your own website or weblog which range right from $5. But what about guys who dont have any money but have the desire to set up their own blog or site. Here are some sites which will […]

Money by Viewing ads

Earning money on Internet is fun. It is so cool if you earn it the easy way. One of the easy ways is to view ads. This can be done by a website The site needs you to login and once you log in you will get a sign up bonus of $3. You […]

How to test your anti-virus

We all will have an anti-virus or two installed in our system for sure. Once I want to test the anti-virus I have installed. I cant risk my system by directly installing an anti-virus. Then i came across this method of creating a fake virus. The procedure to test the anti-virus is as follows: Open […]

How to change name of START Menu

Ever wondered how would it be if the start menu of Windows Xp has your name instead of START. There is a small registery hack to make this tweak. To change name of START menu : Copy EXPLORER.EXE in your Windows directory ( The direectory is found in the drive where you have installed youe […]

Watch STAR WARS in command prompt

Command Prompt can be used to watch movies. It is generally considered as a boring application which is not used by people that often. When I am going through some sites I came across a post which contains the method of watching STAR WARS in the command prompt. All you have to do is follow […]

Create a keyboard shortcut to open a folder

Do you have a folder that you’d like to be able to open quickly and easily whenever you want? If you create a keyboard shortcut for that folder, you can open it anytime by pressing a key combination, no matter which other programs you have open. This will be very handy if you use that […]

How to Create a password reset disk

If you’re running Microsoft Windows XP Professional, you can create a password reset disk that-if you ever forget your password-you can use to log on to your computer. If you forget your password but don’t have a password reset disk, you’ll have to reinstall Windows XP to use your computer. To create a password reset […]

What is Web Hosting

There has never been a better time to start your own website. Firstly, the web hosting offers are cheaper than ever, the technology behind web hosting accounts is as simple as it can get when it comes to administrating them and there are various types of free software and service support included into the hosting […]

Searching for serials and cracks made easy

The softwares which are available on the net are mostly trial versions and they have to be bought in order to use them to the fullest. these can be made into full versions by using different means like patches,Cracks or serial numbers or keys. When you search for any thing of this sort you will […]

Convert Text to MP3 online

The text can be converted to MP3 by using many softwares. This requires to download and install that software which is time taking and also a waste if you dont use it often. Here is a site which makes the MP3’s out of the text you have inputted. It requires nothing but an internet connection. […]

Design a web 2.0 site

Web 2.0 is the most popular thing happening on the net. The main thing which differs a normal site from a web 2.0 site is the design pattern. The look of the blog will be very easy friendly and is organised into columns. This provides the interaction between the user and the administrator providing a […]

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