JNTU Internals Online Papers

For all the students who are studying engineering in different branches who are worried about the online exams of JNTU here is a place where you can download papers for jntu online bits. So, explore and select the JNTU Online papers of your required subjects and score more in your mid exams.

These are uploaded in a file sharing web-sites. So all you have to do is select the subject in the file and then click download on the resultant site opened. In the next window enter the code it asked for and click Download. I am putting links for online papers for exams which are yet to be conducted.

I want to tell you that JNTU has changed the online exams system . It has made the system web based exam .From now every one is going to write your exams in Internet Explorer and not in the OLE Client.

The Question Bank in highly secured using strong RSA encryption and Symmetric Encryption and Password. Software is designed in JSP using Applets.Sad

I am working hard to get these papers. I am listing out links for the Subjects of all the years in a text file. So based on your semester, just select the subject you want and go to the download link to get your papers.

Disclaimer: I am just sharing the download links here and I hereby declare that I am not at all connected or concerned with anything that belongs to the data in the files you download from these links.


Latest JNTU Engineering Internals Online Papers of all Subjects , Semesters, Branches are listed in this text file. Check the file for the download links for getting question papers.

JNTU Online Papers

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October 28, 2007 by: Prasanth Chandra