How To Use Small Icons In Windows 7 Taskbar And Desktop

Windows 7 offers number of tweaks and using small icons on taskbar and desktop is one of them. If the bigger Windows 7 icons (by default) hurt you, here is the tip to make these Windows 7 taskbar and desktop icons smaller. Below are the steps to convert the desktop icons into smaller size: Step […]

How To Backup Windows 7 System Registry

Taking backups of system registry is always helpful to overcome post-system crash situations. How To Backup Windows 7 System Registry? If you need the answer for this question, then this post is surely written for you. Windows 7 is by far the best operating system developed by Microsoft. It offers so many features that enhances […]

Preme – Add Desktop Features To Windows 7

Preme is a free software for Windows 7 which lets you add cool desktop features and enhances the desktop functionality. Windows 7 is turning out to be the most favorite operating system among its users and program like Preme will let you love it more. Below are the features of Preme: To keep your window […]

How To Activate / Enable God Mode In Windows 7

God Mode is a powerful feature offered by Windows 7. Few steps will let to enable / activate the secret God Mode in Windows 7. But what exactly do you understand by feature, namely God Mode. If you are a gamer, then you must be aware that when you activate God Mode, it lets you […]

How To Choose The Best Windows 7 Version For Your Computer

Windows 7 is available in several versions that are obviously of different costs. So how do you choose the right one that fits to your computer configuration? Here’s a brief guide to help you better understand features offered by each version of Windows 7, which will help you to make the best of this much […]

How to Make / Create your Own Theme for Windows 7

Windows 7 has very cool themes and personalization options. If you are bored with the available themes, You can make or create your own Windows 7 theme for free. Microsoft has set up a new Windows 7 Personalization Gallery which has a lot of themes, wallpapers, gadgets which can be used to customize the look […]

How to Run Windows XP and Its Compatible Applications in Windows 7

You can run Windows XP and its compatible applications or software on Windows 7. The new Windows XP Mode for Windows 7 offers compatibility of apps running in Windows XP to run on new Windows 7. This updated Windows XP mode in Windows 7 will work with RC and RTM versions of the Windows 7 […]

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