Best WebSite To Play Age Of Empires Online For Free

Age Of Empires is one of those games which we have grown playing. And no wonder, its a legendary games. So, all these years down the line, don’t you ever feel like playing Age Of Empires? I bet you do. Obviously you do not have time and resources to get AOE installed on your machine […]

Swizzle – Subscribe And Unsubscribe Multiple Newsletters

Who does not like to save money? Whether it would be 5% discount or 20%, you would surely love to have that money saved. So there is always an option that you can subscribe the newsletters of your preferable services. If you do so, the chances of missing out useful mails goes really high because […]

How To Create A Music Blog

Do you think that you have a refined music taste? And do you want to share your playlist with world? Then how about having your own music blog. Yes, this post is about how to create a music blog on your own for free. Like FM is a free service which will let you create […]

3DTin – Free Online 3D Modeling Application

Well, the nameĀ 3DTin might sound a bit weird but that is how the name of every popular web apps sounds like. 3DTin is a free online 3D Modelling application. To be precise, 3DTin is a free chrome app for 3D modeling. All you need is a Google Chrome browser and you can get started with […]

Playlistify – Import Loved Tracks To Spotify

There is no doubt about the fact that the Spotify is the most popular online music service. And number of users are switching from services like, SoundCloud, Grooveshark, Rhapsody to Spotify. So, if you are switching from to Spotify, you would surely want an easy way to import loved tracks to Spotify. […]

Best Private Board Alternatives To Pinterest – Infographic

Yes, Pinterest has turned out to be one of the most powerful social networking websites on Internet. Although it is completely different than most of the social networks like Facebook and Twitter, people have gracefully accepted it. Online marketers have found a great marketing weapon in Pinterest. But when it comes to Private sharing, Pinterest […]

TwileShare: Share Files Upto 1GB

Since the day Twitter was introduced to the Internet world, people have been using it many ways which include social network, advertisement tool, marketing tool. Soon Twitter became much more than a space for “gossiping” what our friends or others. Since people virtually meet here, you need means to share files on Twitter. Yes, there […]

7 Best Ways To View Instagram Photos Online

With its introduction to the Android world, there is an exponential increase in the number of Instagram users across the globe. So, there would surely be instances when you would want to view Instagram photos online on your computer. Have you ever thought a way out of such situations? Well, here are the best ways […]

Unlock Password Protected PDF Files Online For Free

There would have been times when you download a PDF file and realize that its password protected. If you are lucky, then you would find the passwords from somewhere, may be some forum. But what if you do not find its password, and do not find its unprotected PDF either. You might have heard of […]

5 Best Free Alternatives To Spotify

First question I would like to ask is, who does not like free stuff? And the second would be, who does not like listening to music? The obvious answers for these questions would be everyone and no one respectively. In this post, we would be talking about free online music. Spotify has proved to be […]

How Cloud Computing Is Changing The World – Infographic

Cloud Computing has been creating huge lately. Companies like VMWare, Oracle, Cisco have already started working on this next big thing. We have even seen services like Dropbox, Drop.It going small to HUGE in a span of two years. Below is the newest addition to the list of our Infographics. Check the below infographic to […]

5 Free Ways To Share Music On Twitter

Twitter has there been on the top flight of social networks ever since it was introduced. This microblogging web service has redefined social networking in its own way. And this makes it survive and succeed even in the times when dozens of social networking sites come and go every month. In this post I have […]

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