How to Upload Files Using an FTP Client

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, it is a protocol that is used to transfer files over a network (or from your computer to the web server that is hosting your website). FTP clients are applications that let you transfer files using FTP. Most FTP clients offer drag-and-drop functionality i.e. you don’t have to type […]

How to Deep Format a S60 or Symbian Phone

The Symbian OS in its series 60 is called as S60, It is a popular powering major smart phones all over the world. This post explains how to deep format your S60 Mobile Phones. Sometimes your S60 phone may boot up to the Nokia screen and nothing else. This little tip is also useful when […]

How to Back Up your Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone Data

Do you fear losing precious data from your Sony Ericsson mobile phone in cases of theft, damage or virus attacks? You may not mind losing the handset so much, but the data inside the phone, be it your SMSs, phone numbers or even your personal videos and pictures, may have had importance to you. Here […]

How to Wi-Fi Connect Your PDA Smart Mobile Phone And PC to Transfer Files

If you have a PDA smart phone with wifi internet connection and want to transfer data from your laptop or desktop PC to PDA cell phone, Read on to learn how to do that using Wi-Fi. Consider that you would like to perform a seamless transfer of files between your PC and your PDA or you […]

How to Create your Own Ringtones from your Favorite Songs Online for Free

These days, most cell phone users are not completely satisfied with the ringtones that come preloaded on their cell phones. There are programs available in the market to make customized ringtones, but these have to be installed on a computer, and using them can be quite tedious. Here is a fast and easy way to […]

How to Convert and Burn AVI Movie Files into a DVD for Free

If you have AVI movies that you are tired of watching on your PC’s small screen, and, in addition, you don’t want to write them to a CD because of the loss in quality. If you have a DVD drive and a DVD player, it’s easy to Burn AVI files to DVD and then watch […]

How to Create Home Videos Using Windows Movie Maker

So you got yourself a brand new camcorder? And you need to share your videos with family by burning VCDs and distributing them? Here is an article about Windows Movie Maker, which lets you create your own home videos very easily from your Camcorder Recordings. What you will need? A camcorder, a TV tuner card […]

How To Install Windows XP Over Vista

Installing Windows Vista over Windows XP is pretty simple. But If you are a XP lover like me, you can even Install Windows XP over Windows Vista. One way of doing this is a clean install of XP which is done by formatting the drive and installing a fresh copy of XP over it. The […]

How To Use FTP Through the Command Line

It is possible to upload files to your web server using the Windows command line. The command line has an inbuilt tool that will allow you to connect to your web server using FTP. However, I would recommend you not to use this as it is a bit difficult and you have to enter commands […]

How To Host Your Own Web Albums of Picasa

If you don’t want to use Google’s online Web space like PICASA web albums to store your photos, you can upload them to your own personal Web site’s FTP server. This article tells you the procedure to move your files from Picasa web album to your own Host. In order to do it Right-click on […]

Convert Hard Drive Partition from FAT to NTFS for more Benefits

Your hard drive must be formatted with a file system such as FAT, FAT32 or NTFS so that Windows can be installed on to it. This system determines how files are named, organised and stored on the drive. You can choose between three file systems for disk partitions on a computer running Windows XP: NTFS, […]

Change The Default Location For Installing Applications

As the size of hard Drives increase, more people are using partitions to separate and store groups of files.  XP and Vista etc uses the C:\Program Files directory as the default base directory into which new programs are installed. However, you can change the default installation drive and/ or directory to your specified drive by […]

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