Remove the Internet Options tabs for Security, Connections and Advanced

If you don’t want others to access your Internet Options and change your settings, You can remove the Security, Connections and Advanced tabs from the Internet Options dialog box. It’s a commonly used trick in public libraries and some internet cafe’s to prevent people from exploiting the payment-systems and use the internet for free. To […]

How to Add Copy to / Move to To The Right-Click Context Menu

Here is an extremely useful registry hack for windows XP and Vista, which adds "Copy to folder" and "Move to folder" to the right-click context menu of every file and folder. When you select, say, "Copy to folder," you’ll get an Explorer-style menu where you can navigate and choose the destination folder where the contents […]

How to Add A Command-Prompt to Right-Click Context menu of Every Folder

If you use the command line window a lot, this hack will let you open a command prompt at the selected directory. This trick will add a right click context menu option for opening Command Prompt in every folder. To perform this registry hack.. Navigate to: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell Create a new sub-key called Command under the […]

How to Disable Right-Clicking or Context Menu Anywhere on the Desktop

You can disable context menu or the menu you get when you right click on your mouse. You can use this trick as a prank or you can use this to prevent any one from changing options of your folders and applications by right clicking  on them. Here is a way to disable the right-clicking […]

How to Remove Icons From The System Tray

System Tray Items can be irritating, mostly when it is crowded. You can remove all the items from the Tray. I can’t think of a really good use for this trick. We all use the System Tray in the Taskbar, but using this trick you can prevent any items from appearing there – except the […]

How to Restore Folders Upon Startup

A very useful Registry Hack which will restore your folders upon Start up. This will open every folder you have opened before you shutdown the system. You can specify whether the folders that were open at the point of the last shutdown should re-open when the system starts up next. You can now reboot in […]

How to Identify Broken or Missing Drivers with Driver Verifier

While you rarely see a BSOD with Windows XP, the few times they do crop up are usually due to misbehaving drivers. To see which of these (if any) broken or missing drivers is causing your problems, use XP’s unsung Driver Verifier Manager ( Start > Run > “verifier” > [Enter] ). In the first […]

How To Clear Unwanted Items From Add or Remove Programs

We uninstall programs or applications installed in the computer by using Add or Remove Programs option in the Control Panel. Most of the time when you uninstall a program it gets completely uninstalled deleting all the contents of the particular software in the system. Sometimes when you uninstall a program or software it still gets […]

How To Automate Your Internet Connection in Windows

A lot of us use the dial-up method to connect to our ISPs. Even the broadband users amongst us usually have to use PPPoE (dial-up broadband). The problem occurs when the Internet Connection fails or when the connections drop. It will be very annoying as the downloads will stop or fail and the transfers are […]

How to Control CPU Task Priorities

This is a trick which will enable you to control the prioritization of processes or Tasks. The CPU tasks are performed in an orderly way. This registry hack is used to change the way tasks are performed. It is not possible to explain this tweak without getting into many technical details. In short what it […]

A Simple Trick to Load Your Applications Faster

It is very annoying to wait longer times for an application to start or load. You can speed up the loading of any of your applications with this simple registry hack. The Windows prefetcher aims to load applications faster by “pre-fetching” the application and storing it in the pre-fetch cache. You can speed up application […]

How to Clean Open With Option of Right Click Context Menu

When you right-click on a file, one of the options you see is “Open With”. These usually contain what Windows thinks are valid programs to open particular file types. Now, sometimes, when you have bad installers or uninstallers, some programs leave their mark on this context menu. Basically, if you want to clean out this […]

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