How to Enable Autorun / Auto Play in USB Flash Drive – Run Programs Automatically

On PCs with Windows operating system, you can bring up an autorun menu which lets you auto play files just like the one for CDs, for your USB Flash drive, too. It involves a simple code. This is useful to make the USB drive to run programs automatically. Let us say we have to make […]

Windows Explorer crashes suddenly when Right-Clicking on a File [Troubleshoot ]

Windows Explorer crashes with the message ’Explorer.exe must be closed‘ whenever a file is right clicked. The desktop restarts and all folder windows that were open earlier are closed. The error started occurring irregularly after the installation of an application that included shell integration. Here is the way to troubleshoot and solve the problem and […]

What are Sticky Keys, Filter Keys, Toggle Keys – Uses

How many of you ever used the sticky keys, toggle keys and filter keys? Most of us may have come across these words but do you know what purpose do they serve? This post explains what are Sticky Keys, Filter Keys and Toggle Keys? How are they useful?  Sticky Keys This feature changes the way […]

2 Ways to Shut Down Your Computer ( PC ) Quickly

Shutting Down your PC can take a lot of time sometimes for many reasons. Here are 2 ways which helps you shut down your computer quickly. Both these methods speeds up the shut down process. We already discussed a about Speed up Startup or booting time of your computer.  Here are the procedures to turn […]

Save and Restore Share Names and Permissions of Your Operating System

If you are trying to format and reinstall Windows Operating System. You need to again set up permissions and names for the software and settings that you would install after  a format. Using a simple trick, we can backup the registry settings with the registry ( .reg ) file and can easily use it. every […]

Prevent Specified Format Files from Appearing in My Recent Documents

The document history in the Start menu is actually quite practical as one can quickly open the last edited files with the appropriate program and continue working on them, theoretically that is. In practice, however, the list of My Recent Documents is filled with irrelevant entries. You can get rid of useless files or file […]

How to Deactivate Monitoring of User Activities Immediately

Windows continuously monitors the programs that you run and also the files you use. This data is then used for managing the document history and to provide personally adapted menus. If you want to forego the advantages of background monitoring, you can turn it off in a single step. Here is the procedure to deactivate […]

How to Increase the Size of Command Prompt Window

The command window shows only 25 lines when it is called up. This is too little to display longer text stretches such as help pages. Here is a simple way to increase the size of the command prompt window and thus increase the number of lines displayed: Click on the upper left corner of the […]

Configure and Alter the Appearance of [Alt] + [Tab] Cool Switch

You can use the Registry to tweak the appearance of the CoolSwitch dialog that you see when you use [Alt] + [Tab] to switch between applications. This feature is widely used by people who like to operate with keyboard. To do it.. Start the Registry Editor (Start > Run > “regedit”) Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop […]

Hide the Themes, Screensaver, Appearance and Settings and Prevent changing the Desktop wallpaper

Some people don’t like others accessing their computer and changing the display settings like themes, screensavers, and wallpapers etc. If you don’t want that to happen, You can hide the themes, screensaver, appearance and settings in the ‘Display Properties’ window, by two methods using the Group Policy Editor or via the Registry. This will also […]

How to Remove / Delete Recycle Bin from the Desktop

Here is a tutorial on how to delete or remove the Recycle Bin from the Desktop.  We strongly recommend you to back up your registry before you do these changes. You can do it in 2 steps, using a registry editor and group policy editor. Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damage you may […]

How to Free System Resources to Speed Up Important Programs / Services in Windows XP,Vista

The indexing service provides rapid access to files for a quicker search. However, it uses a lot of memory; a precious commodity. Working with bulky programs while the indexing service is running can be very slow. Indexing and other services can be started and ended using the ‘net start <service name>’ and ‘net stop <service […]

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