New Orkut Invitations – How to Get Invited to New Orkut

Orkut got a makeover with new and improved features. This new orkut version is invitation based and can be accessible only if you are invited. If you’re not yet using the new orkut, Here are the best ways to get a new orkut invitation.  The first way is to ask a friend who’s already using […]

How to use Video Chat with Orkut Friends

Orkut, a popular social networking site already has a feature which lets you chat with all your friends. Now you can video chat with your Orkut friends. This is very useful to chat face to face with live video. All you need is a webcam and a small plugin. You can video chat from the […]

How to Hide or Remove Ads on MySpace and Orkut Easily

You can remove or hide ads on social networking sites like Orkut and MySpace in a simple way. Orkut, which is popular in India and Brazil introduced a banner ad which is shown in the in the place where it used to show list of your friends. MySpace is very famous social networking site in […]

How to Secure Your Orkut Profile Account and Prevent it from Getting Hacked

Orkut, One of the best social networking sites available. It is very famous especially in countries like Brazil and India. These days, Orkut accounts are being hacked easily. This is happening due to the Ignorance of users. If you be careful during the Orkut Profile login process, you can stay away from the fraudulent sites […]

How to Tag your Pictures in Photo Albums of Orkut

Photo albums in Orkut are basically used to upload images and share them with others. However there are a few more features like the tagging feature. An image or photo can be tagged in your album or a friend’s album. Tagging basically adds depth to your image by linking parts of it to the profile […]

How to Control Notification Messages or Mails from Orkut

The notifications received from Orkut updates and other messages are received either through mail or as Orkut messages. Sometimes these messages may seem unsolicited and irritating. In such times there arises a need to either block them or control them. It all depends on what you  finally decide to settle for. Here’s how to stop […]

How to Quote Messages, Navigate Easily and Post Quick Replies in Orkut

Navigation in Orkut is one big pain as you have to do a lot of clicking. With many user scripts available it is made very easy. Here is one such GreaseMonkey Script Called Orkut Quote with Box. There are many features of this particular Javascript for Orkut. It makes the navigation very easy by giving […]

How to Add Music or Play Songs in Orkut Scrapbooks

Now a days people are Sending the songs as a scrap in Orkut. You can easily Play any kind of music or songs in the Orkut scrapbook. Here is a small tutorial about how to embed songs as background music in Orkut Scrapbook. In order to play any song of your own in the scrapbook, […]

How To Copy or Save Photos from Locked Albums in Orkut

Recently Orkut added a feature which prevents any one from copying or saving your pictures from your albums in Orkut Profile. This is an automatic feature which will be activated for every profile. Here is a simple way to copy or save pictures from Orkut Albums :   1. Open the album where you want […]

How to Make Orkut Suitable for WideScreens

Widescreen Monitors and LCDs are great for gaming and for watching movies. It turns out Orkut on widescreen is pretty useful as well. There’s a Greasemonkey script which stretches Orkut pages so you see a lot more and have far less vertical scrolling to do. When you have Greasemonkey setup right, visit A window […]

Orkut Trick – Add a Formatting Bar to Orkut ScrapBook

When it’s time to scrap your buddy back and you want to keep things a little colourful, you’re busy looking for the formatting tools like in any other forum Orkut’s formatting tools can be accessed by clicking the scrap tips link next to the text entry box.   The lack of visible formatting tools can […]

Keyboard Shortcuts For Orkut

Orkut has Keyboard Shortcuts to make your navigation easier. It is an automatic feature which is already enabled. If it is not working for you can now use shortcuts to quickly jump from your scrapbook to your home page, For example. Download the script by Clicking Here .   To know about How to Use […]

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