GeeXbox – Media Center Linux Distribution which Plays Movies and Music

Here is a cool Linux Distro called GeeXboX which can be called as a Media Center Version of Linux.  The size of the distribution is shocking with a download size of close to 9 MB, I was wondering if this was even a real distribution! The interface is colorful with a simple menu, and fonts […]

Mounting Windows Network Shares in Linux

Too many people use Windows and Linux, so you’re going to have to access Windows network shares in Linux some time or the other. Samba is what Linux uses to host shares and access remote ones. To do this, go to Applications > System Tools > Terminal. Create a location where you want to mount […]

How to Create, Save and Run your Own BASH Scripts

Bash, an acronym for Bourne-again Shell, is a Unix shell written for the GNU Project and is the default shell for Linux and Mac OS X. The beauty of Bash scripts is that they let you accomplish a group of tasks quickly and without much intervention from the user like batch files in Windows. The […]

Keyboard Trick to Auto Complete Commands in Linux Using TAB

Here is a keyboard trick you can do by using TAB in Linux. All the Unix commands and the contents of the current directory are known to BASH (the Bourne Again SHell ), so you don’t need to type all the characters of a command or path. Just type in the first few and hit […]

Boot into Linux using your USB Thumb Drive

Previously I discussed about Booting into Windows XP using your USB drive. You can even boot into Linux using your USB thumb drive. Booting of Linux from Pen Drive is done by using some small software and simple commands. For this process we use the smallest Distro for Linux called as Damn Small Linux. You […]

Elive – A Beautiful Debian Based Linux Distribution

Elive is a Debian based Linux distribution for legacy and commodity hardware. Elive uses the Enlightenment X window manager instead of more memory intensive GNOME or KDE. Elive is a fully functional distribution with a Live CD counterpart that allows the user to sample the distribution before installing it on the system. Elive can be […]

10 reasons to Switch Over to Linux from Windows

Most of us are still using Windows Operating systems like Windows XP or Vista. But everyone should have heard about Linux and its features. In this article I discussed about Windows vs Linux. If you haven’t tried Linux and is thinking of switching to a new operating system, Here are 10 reasons to make the […]

Play Music in Command Line or Text Mode with MP3 Blaster

The heart of the Linux or Unix platforms lies in the text mode of the OS, popularly known as the command line. Many enthusiastic open source developers have helped to bring entertainment even to the command line atmosphere, which is perhaps unimaginable for a Windows user. MP3Blaster is one such non-graphical music player for Unix-like […]

Edubuntu – Linux Distro for the Young and School Going Children

Edubuntu, A Linux Distribution is based on Ubuntu and is targeted at the young ones. This distribution comes as a Live CD, and has a GUI for its installer as well. It is of 695 MB and can be downloaded from Here is a small review about Edubuntu’s features and applications. Edubuntu isn’t just […]

How to Install and Use Different Fonts in Linux

Installing and using different fonts in windows OS can be done very easily. You  just have to download the font and add it to Fonts folder. Previously we discussed about how to create your own Fonts from your handwriting. Now you can try and work on different types of fonts in Linux too. This will […]

How To Run Linux in Windows – AndLinux

Many of us try to use Linux but all our work and favorites applications are here on Windows. To switch from windows to Linux, Virtualisation can be harnessed to run both Linux and Windows together, but virtual machines are very resource hungry and it’s not practical. So in order to make you run Linux in […]

How to Compile Software From Source Code in Linux

In Windows, installing software is a matter of clicks. In Linux, Depending on the distribution you have, software can be downloaded in the form of either RPM or Deb packages. Again, you can compile software directly from source code—download the source code which comes in a tarball, unzip it and then compile it. In fact, […]

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