Kisstunes – Play, Record, Save and Share Your Own Tunes Online

KissTunes is a simple online tool using which you make your own tunes. It enables you to play music using your keyboard or mouse. Using this you can easily play, record, save and share your own tunes online. This web application can be used to share your tunes among your friends and they can even […]

Domains Bot – Domain Name Suggestion Tool [ Search Engine for Domains ]

Domains Bot , as the name implies is a Domain name search engine. It can be used to get domain name suggestions. The service is very much helpful for getting the suggestions based on a name, keyword, domain or even a short sentence. The web application will show you the results instantaneously as you type […]

Convert any File Into a Websites with can be used to convert any kind of file into a public online webpage. This website will let you upload files of any format and converts them into a website which can be accessed by a unique web address. This URL can be shared with friends, and in this way can easily share your […]

Omegle – Chat with Strangers Anonymously

Omegle, an online application lets you talk to strangers anonymously. Although talking to strangers is never a good option, you can try this if you have ample time to waste. You can make new friends through this. You don’t need to register and its free to use. In order to access this website all you […]

Free Excel Spreadsheet Unlock Online Utility – Crack Open XLS Files Without A Password

You can restrict or password protect your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet documents with a password. This prevents the document from being edited or modified. If you want to crack or unlock these Excel Spreadsheets which are XLS files, you can now do it using Free Excel Spreadsheet Unlock Online Utility. This application lets you upload an […]

Convert Different Units of Temperature, Volume, Distance, weight, Area and Speed online with Converticious

Converticious, a free web application will let you convert different units of temperature, volume, distance, weight, area and speed online. This is a very simple interface which has the units divided into categories which are present on the home page. On selecting the type of conversion you want, you will be presented with the different […]

Listhings – Free Online Personal Notepad to Edit or Store Text Notes

Listhings is a online tool to write,store or edit notes. It can work as a a free online dashboard where you can write whatever you want. This is very much useful to take down temporarily notes like sticky notes or anything which needs a quick noting down like To Do’s, titles of great songs, phone […]

KeyXL – Online Database for Keyboard Shortcuts

Using a GUI without a mouse might seem insane at first, but you see these people around you every now and then, the types who seem unaware that there’s a mouse by the side of the keyboard. Keyboard shortcuts save time, to be precise but more importantly, it’s one more fun skill to show off, […] – A Great Resource for Professional Programmers and Web Application Developers

This Web site is heaven for professional programmers and development teams. It’s bound to go over the heads of beginners, though and that’s a word of warning! The site deals for the most part with application development in programming languages such as .NET, Java, and C++, as well as domains such as Web development, architecture, […]

Live Mocha – Easy way to Learn Different Languages Online

Live Mocha is a site that adds the benefit of collective intellect in the form of social networking, to spice up your language learning experience. After registering on the site and confirming your e-mail address for authenticity, enter the languages you know and the languages you want to learn. Using Live mocha you can.. Learn […]

Type Tester – Check and Compare Fonts before using them in Document or Web

TypeTester is a very useful Web application that allows you to compare and check out different fonts and typefaces side by side before you use them in a document or on the Web. It allows you to select multiple fonts on one page and see the differences between them by comparing screen type and shows […]

Create Captions or Sub Titles for YouTube Videos with Caption Tube

Now you can create captions or Sub Titles for YouTube videos using Caption Tube. This application will add closed captions to YouTube videos. After you import a video, you play the video and add captions as needed. When you are done, you export the captions and then upload to YouTube. By this you can get […]

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