Zinepal – Create Printable PDF eBooks – Kindle / Mobipocket / ePub versions of Online Content

Zinepal is a web service which lets you create PDF format eBooks or magazines from online content. You can create printable documents which can be downloaded for free. The content can be from blogs, Atom/RSS feeds and other websites. You can make Amazon Kindle, Mobi pocket and ePub versions of your online content. These converted […]

Create Resumes [ Curriculum Vitae ] Online and Share them Easily with CeeVee

CeeVee is a best way to easily create and share your resume online. This web service lets you build an  maintaining a Curriculum Vitae ( CV ) or Resumes online easily. Resume plays an important part in your job trails as it gives the first impression to the recruiter. You can find a lot of […]

uquery – App Store Search Engine for iPhone & iPod Touch Applications

uquery is the new search engine for iPhone and iPod touch applications. This is much better than iTunes App Store. Unless you know exactly which app you want, it is very difficult to search for your favorite application in the Apple’s App Store. With this new App Store search engine, you can quickly search for […]

Add Crazy / Funny Effects to your Pictures Online – EffMyPic

EffMyPic is a website using which you can add different types of crazy and funny effects to your pictures online. This is a fun site to play with your pictures. There are many ways to change or edit images online and add different effects. EffMyPic makes it easy to add new designs or effects to […]

JamStudio – Create Your Own Music – Online Sound Mixer

If you are a music lover and you love to create your own music online, then JamStudio is just the site for you. It is the online music factory where you can mix and create professional music. This site has an online sound mixer, where you can mix sounds from various instruments such as, guitar, […]

Free Download Paid iPhone Applications – Free App Alert

Apple iPhone applications are great way to spice up your iPhone. Here is a great site which helps you download paid or expensive iPhone applications for free. There are many iPhone apps out there which are very useful but are not free. FreeAppAlert helps you get paid apps for free and will give you alerts […]

Download Free Fonts – 1000+ Different Designs – FFonts

FFonts has a huge collection of Free Fonts. You can download more than thousand fonts for free. These fonts are of 1000+ different types of fonts with variety designs which are free to use. Using this site, You can even share your own fonts with others too. If you want to create your own fonts […]

Cool Music Zone – Social Networking for Music Lovers

Social networking has become a way of life for many of us in the past couple of years. Staying in touch with friends, sharing pictures and videos has become hassle free and simple. A new addition to this genre is the site coolmusiczone where everyone speaks the language of music. This is a site especially […]

ScamBusters – Protect Yourself from Internet Scams, Identity Theft, Urban Legends

ScamBusters Helps You Protect Yourself From Clever Scams Online and Offline. There are a lot of sites which may lead to identity theft, urban legends, Credit card fraud etc. This website is a huge resource of information which will help you to identify all kinds of scams. It has a lot of resources and links […]

Postica – Create, Distribute / Share Your Notes, Reminders, Files Online Easily

Posti.ca is a cool site to create and share or distribute your sticky notes, reminders and files online easily and quickly. This can be used as a digital sticky notes. These sticky notes are often used to jot down important things like meetings, schedules etc. These are used like reminders, so that you won’t forget […]

Send Long Links / URLs in E-Mails without Errors using SNIPURL

Many users keep sending web links or URLs through emails now and then. But there is possibility that the email editor breaks up long web addresses. The result: the recipient cannot open websites with a simple click. If the complete web address is longer than one line, many email programs interpret only its first part […]

Monitor the Accessibility of Your Own Websites with Montastic

As it is not always possible for you to check whether the website is accessible, use an online service for this. The monitoring is much better than you believe as it tells you when your site goes down so that you can react and solve it before your users complain about it. There are numerous […]

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