Noisegames – Play Games Based on Guitar, Music, Sounds and Noise

Have you ever dreamed of playing the guitar like a rock star and creating your own songs ? Here is a site called Noisegames which has interactive web content with noise, sounds and music. This site has nine games based on different forms of music, such  as blues, jazz, punk and rock and also has […]

Pixavid – Share your Pictures Easily on Social Networking Sites

Pixavid is free image hosting and sharing site which lets you share your pictures on various social networking sites like Facebook, Digg, Reddit, Twitter, StumbleUpon and more easily. You can embed these pictures in personal sites or message boards. You can share the link and can also email your pictures to your friends. You just […]

Loogix – Create GIF Animated Avatars Online from Your Photos

Loogix can be used to create GIF animations online. You can upload your photos to create animated avatars which you can use in your Online profiles. This free online GIF animator adds animations to your photos making them look different. The created animated photos can be saved to your computer and can be shared online […]

Swatch Spot – Random Color Swatch Generator – Create and Save Color Schemes

SwatchSpot is a free web service which lets you generate random color swatches with different color schemes. It lets users to create and save palettes of different color combinations with the click of a button. This is very useful for designers who are looking for color schemes for their project or design. SwatchSpot is a […]

Live Banner Maker – Create and Share Free Banners Online – Custom Banner Generator

Live Banner Maker is an easiest way to create free banners online. This web service lets you make your own customized banners of different sizes and embed or share them online on your website, Blog, Myspace, Facebook, and more. This online banner generator can create banners in 5 simple steps. The created banners can be […]

TokBox – Free Video Chat / Messaging Without Any IM Client

There are many web applications which allow you to exchange messages without any IM client, but very few are aware that we can even have a video chat without any IM client. TokBox allows you to have free video chat among any number of friends. You can register to TokBox by spending few seconds. And […]

Font Capture – Create your Own Fonts from Handwriting

We always like to use a lot of different fonts. How would it be if you can create a font from your own hand writing. Font Capture is a free service which lets you turn your hand writing in to a special font which can be used anywhere. Best part is that you don’t need […]

Create your Own Video Clips Online – Clip Generator

Clip Generator is a great tool to create cool video clips online using your own pictures. This web service can be used to make your own customized video clips out of pictures, photos or images and can add your favorite music or sound to them. You can even add special effects and can create your […]

Batch Watermark your Images / Photos Online for Free

Watermark– as the name implies is a free web service which can watermark your pictures or images online. You can batch watermark images which lets you mark more than one image at a time. This is really useful to get your watermark on many pictures or photos at the same time which saves a lot […]

Get Your Photo on Popular Magazines Cover Page – MeOnMag

Have you ever thought of being on the cover page of any popular magazine? Yes, you must have dreamt so. Now you do not need to be a millionaire or a rock star to be shown on a cover page of a magazine. If you have a computer with an Internet connection, then you are […]

Convert Word Documents to Plain Text Online with word2text

If you want to remove all the unnecessary characters and formatting styles of Word documents and want to convert them to plain text, word2text is the place to go. It lets you clean and convert your Word documents to text. This is useful if you want to use the text in the word documents online […]

VapURL – Create Temporary Disposable Short URLS

VapURL is a URL shortening service with a twist. It can create disposable URLs which will work only for a certain period of time or clicks. You can create your own temporary shortened URLs and can set the parameters for the links lifetime. In short, VapURL creates shortened URLs with an expiry period. It has […]

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