4 Best iPhone Apps For Meditation

There are number of thing on this planet that money can’t buy. And this does makes immense sense when we talk about peace. If you are having an iPhone, then I would WANT you to check out this post. I have listed some of the best iPhone apps for meditation. If you are looking for […]

Best Ways To Run Android Apps On Mac

In order to run application of a different OS on any other OS, you always need a emulator. And in this post, we would be taking about the ways to run Android apps on Mac. Yes, we are talking about Android emulators for Mac. We would be sharing two methods here. One is working on […]

How To Fix Mountain Lion Apps Crashing

Yes, Mountain Lion OS X is the latest Mac OS X release, but just like any other program, it isn’t perfect. There are number of issues that Mountain Lion users have pointed out. One of its most bothering issues is that its apps keep crashing. We have been sharing a lot of stuff on Mountain […]

7 Top Paid Apps For Mountain Lion Mac OS

We have shared some number of interesting posts on free Mountain Lion apps and its time for some paid apps. I am a huge open source lover and prefer using a free app over a paid app, and I am proud of this philosophy. But no wonder, paid apps are some what better than the […]

7 Best Free Audio Editors For Mac

Mac was first introduced as a personal computer but later it became more like a must have gadget for artists. Painters, writers, musicians, scientists, designers and other innovative people have the MacBook now. In this post, we would be sharing few good free audio editors for Mac. Now you requirement might be as domestic as […]

Free Antivirus For Mountain Lion

When I started using Mac, I had a believe that it does not need an anti virus and I never installed one. But soon, the whole Mac fraternity on the planet was hit by a deadly virus. And that was the day when my believe broke into pieces. Here I am sharing some useful stuff, […]

Best Fashion Design Software For Mac OS X

Mac is the most preferred operating system for any artist and fashion designing is also an art. If you are into this profession, and own a Mac, then these fashion designing apps for Mac OS X will surely impress you. Fashion Designing is one of those professions, where you would not be considered good until […]

Mountain Tweaks – App For OS X Mountain Lion Tweaks

More you customize an OS, better you will find it. This is a fact which stands strong with all the operating systems. And if you have upgraded to Mountain Lion, then there is no reason that you would like all its features and would continue using them. If you feel like doing some tweaking and […]

Best Mountain Lion Notification Center Shortcuts To Launch It

Mountain Lion has 200+ new features. And out of those 200 or more new features, its Notification Center is one of the most popular features. So lets talk about different ways to access Notification Center on Mountain Lion. When I had a Windows machine, I preferred using keyboard only. But with Mac, things have changed […]

5 Hidden Features Of Mountain Lion OS X – Part 2

Here I am back with few more Mac OS Mountain Lion secret features. I have already shared a post on Mountain Lion Hidden Features, and its time for Part 2 now. Well, secret features of any OS are not really “secret features”. The fact that such things are unknown or less popular make them get […]

Best Free Apps For Mountain Lion OS X – Part 2

Few days back, I have shared a pretty decent list of best free Mac OS X Mountain Lion apps, labelling it as Part 1. And today, I am continuing the same list. Whether it would be a smartphone or computer, it is powerless without proper applications being plugged into it. If you have recently upgraded […]

How To File Transfer Mac To Windows Using Bluetooth

I am a huge Apple fan, but there are few things which I hate about Apple because I have failed to understand the reasons behind them. One of those factors is why file transfer from one Apple device to non Apple device is not possible or tricky? If you are looking for an answer to […]

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