How To Reset iPhone Without Losing Jailbreak

Apparently, people do not think much before rooting or jailbreaking their smartphones. The only reason behind all this is that the people are getting more educated on technology. If you wish to jailbreak your iPhone or any iOS device for that matter, is not a big deal as you have got number of programs which […]

How To Hide Files From Spotlight On Mac

Sometimes who do not wish to hide files on your computer completely, but you do want them to be kept away from the world. Yes, I am talking about ways to keep your files on your Mac away from Spotlight search. It means that you files and folders would be there on your Mac machine, […]

Top Features Of Mac OSX Mavericks And How To Get Them Right Now

Apple has announced in this year’s keynote that its latest OSX, Mavericks would be out this fall. This is the first time that Apple has come up with a non cat name for its OSX and surely creates some hype. At one end you have Windows 8 which is by far the most advanced OS […]

List Of Mac Machines Supporting Mac OS X Mavericks And Pre-Requisites

Apple has unveiled its new OS namely, Mavericks. This is the first time that Apple has named is OSX other than a cat name. I am not sure if this marks a new beginning, or it just a new name. I would be soon pitching in a new post on Apple Mavericks OSX, but I […]

Few Must Know Tips And Tricks For Apple iCloud

It has been more than an year that iCloud has been introduced to the world, but I doubt if people have been using it to the full potential. As they say, there are so many things on this planet that you let go because of ignorance. And while you explore, you would realize that there […]

3 Best Ways To Delete Duplicate Songs From iTunes On Mac

I have always respected storage regardless I had enough space on my hard disk or not. And trust me, even 1 MB makes a difference. If you can spend some time on iTunes and see the number of duplicate songs you have, you would be shocked. And by deleting all the multiple songs, you can […]

3 Ways To Transfer Photos From iPod Touch To Computer

There are few things about every marvelous gadget that pisses you off. Whether it would be an Apple device, a Samsung device or it may have been manufactured by any other company, there is something about every gadget that makes you think of finding a better way. One of such problems is transferring photos from […]

How To Set Up System Audio Equalizer For Mac OS

If you like playing with the audio configuration, then an equalizer is a must for you. Mac machine lacks the centralized equalizer that the Windows OS has. Every media player or audio player has its own equalizer but there isn’t any system wide feature for Mac. In this post, I will help you set up […]

4 Top Free Clipboard Managers For Mac

Regardless the fact that you have or haven’t realized the need of any clipboard manager for your Mac, I know that you need these kind of apps. These are the times when you almost every one does lot of texting and formal typing on your Mac machine. And this automatically calls for clipboard managers. Lately, […]

How To Downgrade iTunes 11 To 10.7 On Mac

Its not necessary that one would like an updated software every time they get to upgrade it. For instance, I did not like iTunes 11 for number of reasons. There is no doubt about the fact that it has more number of features than its previous version, but because of N number of reasons, I […]

AssistantEnhancer – Tweak Siri On iPhone For More Commands

You must have heard or come across some of the Cydia apps which would add 2-3 new features to Siri making it a little bit more functional. But the thing is that why would you want to install an app which would not bring a major addition to your phone. And if you are still […]

Best Way To Get Lyrics On Mac, iPhone, iPod – musiXmatch

Singing songs along while they are being played is always fun. If you are running on Mac, then I have shared a post on few ways to get lyrics on Mac. I hope you will find it useful. But my pursuit for good app to find lyrics on Mac automatically continued as I was still looking […]

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