Preme – Add Desktop Features To Windows 7

Preme is a free software for Windows 7 which lets you add cool desktop features and enhances the desktop functionality. Windows 7 is turning out to be the most favorite operating system among its users and program like Preme will let you love it more.


Below are the features of Preme:

  • To keep your window on the top of other, simply hold the mouse button on the title bar area of that window.
  • Close any window by hovering the mouse cursor on the title bar area and clicking the wheel.
  • Touch the upper left corner of your desktop with the mouse to see all your open Windows either in Flip 3D or Alt-Tab style
  • You can open the Start Menu simply by moving the mouse cursor to the Start button.
  • A window can be minimized by simply moving the mouse cursor on to the title bar area and scrolling down the mouse wheel.
  • You can close an active window by pressing the ESC key twice
  • Many More shortcuts packed in it.

Preme is an amazing free application which will enhance the efficiency of your work on Windows 7. And I found Preme a MUST HAVE application for all the Windows 7 features which will let you enhance your desktop features and its functionalities.

via The Windows Club

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January 13, 2010 by: Prasanth Chandra


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