Best Ways To Limit Internet Speed On Windows

Speeding up the Internet might not be the trick that you would always look for. Sometimes you would also want to limit the Internet speed on your computer because of N number of reasons.

Consider a situation when your cousins visit your home, and you are scared that they would consume all your Internet bandwidth. So what would be your move now? Locking your computer isn’t a right solution here. Why don’t you just limit Internet speed on Mac?

There are number of ways using which you can restrict the Internet speed on Windows. In this post we would share some of the best ones.

We have already shared a post on Ways To Limit Internet Speed On Mac, and its time for Windows this time.

Best Ways To Limit Internet Speed On Windows

Using Network Snapshot

  • Click on Start and type gpedit.msc in the Run field
  • Now navigate as Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Network > QOS Package Scheduler
  • This is open a new window on the right side of the screen
  • Now, choose the option labeled as Limit Reservable Bandwidth
  • Get to Settings option and enter the percentage in order to limit the Internet speed. It would already to set to 20% (by default), you can increase the value to the desirable setting and do your testing

Bandwidth Controller

I ll be honest with this. I haven’t really tried this totally, but had a glimpse of it on my friend’s machine. I have heard some good things about this free program, and this is the reason I am sharing the information about this program with you. Its user interface is quite self explanatory and you can easily control the Internet speed on your machine. Easy and affective!

I am pretty sure that there must be few other ways to restrict Internet speed on Windows, but these are the only two ways that I am aware of. Please comment and share,

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September 6, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra


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